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Actor Sacha Baron Cohen plays a character named "Borat" who puts a whole new spin on comedy, showing just how funny we Americans can be by looking at us from his culture.

This film takes a serious look at social criticism and turns it around to make it one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long, long time.

Borat travels across America, with actual undercover footage of him acting dumb with real people. Some people actually get upset, and that's what makes for some of the comedy.

It's a winner for me.

Borat is an equal opportunity offender, with enough crude, rude, and downright tasteless jokes to satisfy anyone with a twisted sense of humor.

It's a hilariously demented look at America and Americans, not for the timid or easily offended, but for those of us who haven't yet forgotten how to laugh.

The movie is about a funny foreign newsman who is dispatched to America to film an educational documentary.

He catches Pamela Anderson on T.V. and, accompanied by his sidekick, embarks on a cross-country quest to marry her.

Along the way, he encounters (mostly) real people in (mostly) real situations.

His outrageously offensive style does not spare anyone in his pursuit of a laugh.

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