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Bolt is a charming Hollywood dog super-action star with his own T.V. show, only he doesn't know it.

He spends his day defending his "person" Penny from a stream of bad guys with his super powers.

Then, accidentally separated from the show, he finds himself on the outside to confront the world without his powers, to face realities of life as an average dog.

This pleasing cartoon gives way to important lessons about accepting your limitations while still believing you are special.

It was well over my expectations.

It's the Truman Show meets Lassie Come Home as Bolt the super dog finds out he's nothing more than an ordinary dog who ha.s grown up on the sound stage of a popular T.V. show.

When he's accidentally shipped to New York City, it's the beginning of a cross-country trip where he discovers friendship and his real abilities as a hero.

Although predictable, this is one of the best pieces of animation to come out of the Disney Studios in years.

The movie Bolt is a digitally animated canine comedy as fast as its name.

The story revolves around the comical tricks or actions of a spunky white shepherd who confuses his day job as the super-dog hero in a T.V. action series with his real life.

The film covers a classic Disney road trip, heroism, friendship, and an exciting action opening sequence.

The fancy conclusion only scratches the surface of what's going on.

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