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Blue Crush




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I thoroughly enjoyed the surfing sequences filmed on the north shore of Oahu with outstanding cinematography, but that's where it ends.

It's like watching a rerun of something you've seen a dozen times. There's no soul, charm, or wit.

If you're looking for summer popcorn fun, you may feel cheated. Sucked into the undertow, Blue Crush would have been better if the characters didn't speak.

A total wipeout.

Every generation gets their own surfing film--Gidget this is not!

Instead, what you get is a techno/MTV/girl-power film that completely misses the mark, with one of the worst scripts of this endless summer.

When it comes to shooting the pipe, absolutely stunning camera work takes over, but is it enough to save this film from drowning?

It's hard to believe any one of these girls has ever acted before.

Blue Crush is about three surfer girls. The problem I had with this sports movie, is its humdrum storytelling by the numbers.

I was hoping to see a documentary about real-life female surfers, but that wasn't to be; there was just too much land-based silly talk for me, and not enough water-bound action.

There is some nice scenery, and the surfing sequences at the end are great.

The story gave no reason to care.

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