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This true story, Blow, shows the life of George Jung, played by Johnny Depp, who started out selling marijuana then changed to cocaine and became the first and biggest dealer in the U. S.

This movie is filled with dry humor, classic rock and roll, and flashy film techniques with different styles for each decade.

Even the clothes were just great; they always looked a bit out of of date.

I found it very entertaining, even though our hero crashed and burned.

Based on a true story, Blow is the tale of a real-life drug dealer, with Johnny Depp in the lead. The movie is made up by many great performances by a brilliant supporting cast .

On the surface, Blow may seem to be the ins and outs of the California cocaine trade, but in reality it is the roller-coaster life of George Jung and his inability to resolve conflicts with family, friends, and money.

Johnny Depp wears overblown good and bad long-haired wigs and is fascinating to watch in the lead role of the movie Blow.

He plays real-life drug smuggler george Jung, who made and lost one hundred million at his illicit trade in the 70s.

The story covers, 20 years of territory, an execution, betrayals, laundered money, border crossings, and illegal flights in planes.

The film fails to make it clear why George Jung became such a huge success as a cocaine kingpin, but maybe this will be answered when he is released from federal prison in the future.

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