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Blood Work




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I liked the way Clint Eastwood played retired F.B.I. agent Terry McCaleb, popping heart pills all the way.

Terry's recovering from a heart attack, so kicking down doors isn't so easy now, but manages to employ his trademark with plenty of action, empathy, and humor. I'm sure this will satisfy long-time fans.

This film addresses aging, obsession, and justice. It has a well-chosen supporting cast, and most everyone will be pleased with the results of this summer thriller.

No one directs Clint like Clint, in this no-nonsense look at an aging F.B.I. profiler chasing a serial killer through an improbable plot.

Surrounded by a fine cast (including a cameo by wife Dina) with some nice comedy interludes (some unintentional).

The true surprise of this film comes when Clint removes his shirt--is this recent heart transplant patient really going to have sex?

Enjoyably absurd. A hesitant scissors up.

Clint Eastwood takes the role of a retired F.B.I. profiler who's just had a heart transplant. This could have been an obstacle for most action thrillers, but it actually made the star look more human and real.

The writer tells a good, complex story with interesting people and with a first-rate cast.

Blood Work may be a literal affair of the heart, but it's not about feelings evolving, it's about justice in an unusual set of circumstances.

I really liked the satisfying ending--it has warmth and tenderness that slowly builds into family love at the end of the movie.

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