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Black Hawk Down




Gene the Barber

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This movie astonished me with its realism and exhausted me with its intensity. You become part of the action and feel the same dangers as if you were there.

It's also free of any subplots or heavy-handed moral judgements, instead just plain survival.

If you can stomach the violence and handle the emotions, be ready for the realistic, disturbing 2+ hours of action.


The horrors of war are graphically displayed in Black Hawk Down, a relentless war epic that never disappoints.

Director Ridley Scott uses the background of chaos and dread that surrounds these soldiers to show us the futility of a single battle.

This is not a patriotic flag-waver, it is extremely violent and--on the whole--a powerful, well-acted film.

In 1993, an U.S. team of Rangers and Delta Force commandos serving as part of a United Nations peacekeeping operation in Somalia go on a real-life military rescue mission when two helicopters are
shot down in the middle of town.

The ordeal lasts 18 hours, one of the longest, single most costly shoot-outs
since Vietnam.

Eighteen Americans died and 73 were wounded, with about 1,000 Somalians wiped out by battle's end.

This is one of the most remarkable movies about warfare ever made, because it recreates every combat scene the way it actually happened.

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