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Big Trouble tries to make the most of a great cast, but never quite gets off the ground.

Before September 11, the jokes might have been funny, but now feel awkward and more chilling than hilarious.

It just doesn't wait for you to catch up and it switches from character to character to character in the blink of an eye.

I do know you probably will never see this film on a commercial airline flight.

The big trouble with Big Trouble is not the cast (they're wonderful). It's not the script (it's funny). It's the pacing--a screwball comedy depends on rapid fire gags (and this one has some doozies).

However, the cast gets lost ambling through the slow-paced world of Miami, and loses with it its comedic timing.

This is a film that strives to hit the height of its potential and unfortunately succeeds.

This picture, Big Trouble, is a complicated slapstick comedy farce.

It's filled with wild characters that have amusing moments, but some of the material seems forced, clumsy, and even tiresome at times.

I thought the plot was confusing and flat. It was a little on the tasteless side, considering the presence of highjackers, aircraft, and explosives in the story.

The timing seemed wrong for this release; it's not funny to make fun of airport security any more.

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