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Beyond the Sea




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Kevin Spacey takes on one big job as director, star, producer, and co-writer, with his longtime ambition of bringing the life of 1950s and 60s music icon Bobby Darin to life.

The whole movie just knocked me out--I loved everything about it.

When Bobby Darin came out with "Mack the Knife," I thought, here's a guy to be taken seriously.

For myself, the music accounts for two-thirds of this movie's charm. I just love those big band sounds: they made my scissors go up.

Kevin Spacey's vanity project at least fits within his vocal range, and if this movie were an opera, everything would be fine.

Unfortunately he also had to direct, and that's where things begin to fall apart.

Too old for the role, and not sympathetic enough to his character's eccentricities, Spacey turns Bobby Darin's life into a cheap melodrama, saving it only with splashy musical numbers.

Then again, maybe it is only about the music.

Beyond the Sea is a good look at the short life of 1960s crooner, Bobby Darin, who died at 37.

Actor Kevin Spacey takes on a big role as director, co-writer, and star, which is clearly a labor of love.

Pop singer Bobby Darin is one of Spacey's idols, and the movie has long been a dream project for the star.

The musical numbers are great, with Spacey actually doing the singing and dancing.

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