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Here is a movie with a script that really works. The combination of actors and story make this film click from start to finish.

It's a dark comedy just made for this character, Betty the nurse, who is just a breath of fresh air. You'll just love her before the movie's over.

To put it simply, it's just so much fun to watch with all the funny lines and situations falling into place non stop.

This is not a must see movie. This is a can't miss movie.

Rene Zellweger shines in the title role as nurse Betty, a dark dramady that plays almost as weird as the soap operas it's making fun of.

A top-notch cast helps smooth out the rough edges, with the exception of Chris Rock, who is totally out of place as the overtly violent hit man trainee.

Strange, quirky, and at times great fun!

Nurse Betty is a modern-day fairy tale about a woman who unconnects from reality and takes an odd trip--far from the home she knows and into her own heart.

Que sera, sera,
What ever will be, will be,
The future's not ours to see,
Que sera, sera.

The movie combines violent impulses with goodness, and the actors are all terrific in this twisted comedy

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