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Believe me, this is no Get Shorty.

I was looking forward to seeing the old gang in action and moving on with the sequel, but it didn't happen.

Be Cool is a complete change in the storyline; they focus on the music business, which is OK. I still enjoyed the entire setting in L.A. and around the music world.

Overall the film was pretty good and should not be compared to the first flick.

The younger set will appreciate it more than us old codgers.

Chili Palmer is one of the greatest gangster characters ever to make it to the big screen.

So three actors reunited from Pulp Fiction must be pretty cool, right? Be Cool lacks the punch that gave Get Shorty its edge, and even though there are some funny moments, there isn't enough to redeem this film.

The lack of chemistry between Travolta and Thurman is mind-boggling, and the storyline about getting into the music business is just plain stupid.

Funniest when it's lampooning Hollywood.

Be Cool is a sequel to the 1995 hit Get Shorty.

Right from the start this flick feels like a cold imitation of Get Shorty.

I liked what I saw in the trailer, but after viewing the film, I was disappointed in the lukewarm storyline.

I think it was a mistake to shift the plot from the world of movies to the world of music. The picture becomes a listless variety show that only comes to life when the comedy scenes work.

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