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Barbershop 2: Back in Business




Gene the Barber

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Barbershop 2, on Chicago's South Side, is back.

But this time around, the razors are a little duller, the jokes aren't as sharp as before, and it doesn't recapture the rowdy spirit of the first Barbershop.

The story is too planned and artificial and should have cut back on the overly serious subplot.

The true fans should enjoy the visit back to the shop, but for me it's just not the same old B.S. (that stands for barber shop).

I really dislike sequels, so I was all set to just hate this film.

And while this one may lack the spontaneity and freshness of the original, it somehow retained its heart and soul.

Once again, Ice Cube plays it straight, while the rest of the cast cuts up while vocalizing on local and world issues.

It's just as sweet, just as funny, and just as politically incorrect as the original.

The first film arrived with novel newness and a surprising sharpness. It was smart and funny.

The remake ranks a cut below the original and goes off in too many directions with its many characters.

The dialog was hard to understand in a few scenes.

The movie suffers from predictability.

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