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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Bank Job




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


Well here's another based on a true story about the biggest bank heist in British history.

A few local cronies were tricked into tunneling up through a bank floor, but as the gang makes their getaway, they are pursued by spies, cops, and a cutthroat porn king -- who all have a complex piece of this bizarre story.

I really think you will find The Bank Job just fun to watch, how all the pieces come together, plus a heap of characters to keep track of.

As heist films go, this one is a doozy.

Based on the real-life "walkie-talkie robbery," which occurred in 1971 London, this movie takes us through the planning, procedure, and ultimately into the bank vault.

Filled with stilted performances, it maintains a feeling of reality despite its many improbable plot twists.

This movie returns us to the days when robbing a bank was like digging a deep hole and tunneling through the sewer with a jack-hammer and breaking into a vault of safe-deposit boxes at a Lloyds Bank in London.

It's hard to believe that this snappy, complex tale is based on a true story, but it seems that the logistical details of the crime are mostly true.

The Bank Job is a no-frills film about a real-life robbery that delivers old-fashioned, entertaining thrills of British society.

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