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The Banger Sisters fall squarely into the fun category with entertaining actors like Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon, and Geoffrey Rush.

The movie has its moments, but a lively, crazy story of two nutty groupies reunite after separated for 40 years, makes for a wild ride.

Like I say, it's not a masterpiece, but a movie you'll get a bang out of.

This movie works, despite a bad script, bad editing, and bad direction, and it works because of chemistry, but not the chemistry you think.

The transformation of Susan Sarandon's respectable mother to aging groupie is ridiculous and unbelievable; on the other hand, the relationship that develops between Goldie Hawn and the neurotic Geoffrey Rush, whom she picks up on the road, saves the movie.

Not great, but great fun. A hesitant scissors up.

The Banger Sisters is about three people who want something true in their lives and have to backtrack to find it.

They get a chance to see how life could been if they'd made different choices.

The film doesn't offer any answers to all the questions it raises and it doesn't make any powerful statement, but it does offer the magic of three Oscar-winning actors who loved the story so much, they took big pay-cuts to appear in the movie.

The stars provide the fun. Ride along as old pals reunite in this adult crazy comedy.

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