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Bandits was a real treat, with a continuing release of laughter. It's sharp, witty and just plain fun--the kind of film I didn't want to end.

Bruce Willis and Cate Blanchett are just great, but I thought Billy Bob Thorton stole the show.

The script was well-written, and the actors were well directed, which makes this film come together.

It never lets up--just fun entertainment.

As crime comedies go, this one might not be the funniest, but considering the alternatives out there, it's a cut above the rest.

Cate Blanchett and Billy Bob Thorton are marvelous, playing off their neurosis to a spectacular degree, with Bruce Willis doing his typical walk-through performance in several different toupees.

Slightly long, but interesting offbeat entertainment.

Bandits has a unusual make-up mix. It steals from three or four types: the screwball comedy, the romantic triangle, the heist caper, and the buddy movie.

It moves along, stumbling and can't decide what it wants to be. But all in all and taken as a whole, I found the picture to be entertaining.

I liked the story about these friendly crooks, with moments of enjoyable slapstick, clowning and amusing humor.

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