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Bad Boys 2




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber




I think Bad Boys II pushed the film a little too far. The violence is mostly in slow motion and shows too much gore. The four-letter words flow out of the stars' mouths like diarrhea and that's not funny.

The story gets a little confusing as the filmmakers throw too many things at the viewer.

The movie is about two-and-half hours long and a bit more than I could take.

It's crude, graphically violent, with lots of sick jokes. You won't leave the theater feeling good.

Miami Vice meets Private Ryan as narco agents Will Smith and Martin Lawrence shoot at anything that moves, crash anything on wheels, and blow up anything left standing.

This buddy/buddy action film is not only an assault to the senses, but an insult to the movie-going public, making it quite possibly the most disgusting excuse for an action film ever made.


Bad Boys II is mediocre, pointless, and a mix of laughs and violence. It pushes the buddy banter and action pranks to extremes.

The movie has to be the year's most nasty, insane, and repulsive comedy. The film's preoccupation with mutilation becomes hard to take after about two hours of explosions. Then more dismemberment of people, buildings and vehicles.

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