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The Aviator




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This film isn't intended to be an accurate biography of Howard Hughes' life; it skips around a bit and there's many things left out.
They focus on his love for flying, but touch on his business, movies, his women, hypochondria, and politics.

This movie sucked me right into the picture from start to finish, and held me there. This is an epic adventure and a solid entry into the film world for 2004--with a few bumps along he way and well worth the ride.

Hidden amongst the spectacular cinematography, amazing stunts, and a few faultless performances is a glimpse of a man who helped change the world.

This overly long biopic highlights 20 years of Howard Hughes' life, a time before he became history's most reclusive and eccentric billionaire.

Solid directing, fantastic art direction, and a standout performance by Cate Blanchett (as Katherine Hepburn) make this film an easy entry come Oscar time.

The Aviator is about the famous billionaire Howard Hughes, a real interesting character out of history.

The film focuses on his years of ambition, starting in the 1930s when he directed and produced movies, designed and built airplanes, and set flying records.

This picture is a great and unusual display to view the highlights from Hughes' life.

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