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When you think about Hollywood murders, most people don't think about Bob Crane.

This film shows his rise to fame, from a disc jockey to the star of Hogan's Heroes, but focuses mainly on his two failed marriages and his decline into the seedy underworld of pornography and sexual escapades.

Although a little disturbing at times, it shows a dark chapter in Hollywood's history.

Well worth a look. It's high on my list.


In 1978, Bob Crane, star of Hogan's Heroes, was found bludgeoned to death in his hotel room.

The non-smoking, non-drinking, jazz-loving, hater of rock and roll's only fault was that he wanted to sample every woman he ever met.

Aided by great art production and a caring director, Greg Kinnear turns in a fantastic performance as the Bob Crane nobody knew, from disc jockey to dinner theater performer, a man haunted by his obsession.

It's amazing what permissive times and a lust for technology will do to a man.

Auto Focus is the real-life story of the rise and fall of actor Bob Crane.

His best successful role was starring in TV's Hogan's Heroes in 1965. It's now syndicated, where it continues to play on cable stations to this day, 24 years after the alarming, unsolved murder of its star.

The movie brings the dark, depressing off-screen past of a TV star into sharp focus. It's a twisted morality tale, fashioned out of one murdered man's real-life biography.

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