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Australia will take some patience since the movie is so long, but a story worth telling.

First, it's a Down Under western, then a war movie along the lines of Pearl Harbor, centered on the Japanese assault on Darwin in 1942.

And of course it's a swooning romance a little like Gone with the Wind, shedding light on racism and mistreatment.

I thought they did a neat job of bringing together a ton of stories, entertaining me all the way through.

If you love movies, you won't want to miss this one, mate.

Attempting to explain Australia's history is a lot like this movie. It takes a lot of time, and one epic doesn't quite do it.

Working on a large scale, Baz Luhrmann reconnects with his roots to demonstrate his visual concept of Australian folklore, and this one has it all -- adventure, romance, and melodrama.

Uneven in its plot line and sometimes in the performances, this retelling of the Australian legend is both amusing and amazing.

Kidman and Jackman provide decent acting, but it's Brandon Walters as the half-caste aboriginal boy who steals the show.

It's an entertainingly epic storytelling about the land Down Under.

Big in scale, the motion picture called Australia is like an old-school Hollywood epic coming to life.

Nicole Kidman is a neat uptight English noble lady who, on the eve of World War II, travels to the country's Outback to sell the cattle farm that her philandering husband has mismanaged.

Instead, she ends up falling in love with both the wild terrain and a lone-wolf cowboy cattle herder, known as The Drover.

This story is a sweeping romantic adventure.

Australia aims to combine the grandeur of movies with the frontier spirit of American westerns.

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