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Well, here's a movie that I didn't expect any more or any less than the original Angels. They stuck pretty close to the formula, and it still works--with tongue in cheek and no one trying to be too serious.

The girls put on an outstanding action show, with all the combat fun things to watch. Plus, for a bonus, their lines weren't bad either. Even the dialog made sense.

Here's my way of summing all this up: fun, fast, furious, flashes of flesh.

It's Matrix meets Mission Impossible as Charlie's Angels hits the big screen with Drew Barrymore and friends supplying the eye candy as they cruise fashionably through one of the worst scripts of all time.

Does it matter? Hardly, with interesting camera work and an upbeat soundtrack, it's still the guilty pleasure of this fall--mindless and amusing.

If you don't expect a lot of dialog in Charlie's Angels, you can be entertained by this rock-em, sock-em, roller coaster ride.

The female stars do not take themselves seriously and seem to be having a good time. This action-adventure comedy involves three women who are capable of tapping into computers, redirecting missiles, racing cars and speedboats, being sexy, and falling in love, all without engaging in male-bashing or alienating other women.

This motion picture has amazing martial arts combat sequences that pack a punch.

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