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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Amazing Spider-man




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber

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The new look of  The Amazing Spider-man crosses trails with the old -- but veers off onto its own direction,  beginning with his family's background story.

It's a bit slow at first, but picks up with an extremely speedy Spider-man view of flying by web slinging through the dark nights of New York City.

Now looking more like what we expect and getting stronger as it proceeds, this new reboot was well worth the web slinging ride, and the future looks promising. 
Only ten years after telling the origin of Spider-man -- suprise: it's the origin of Spider-man, with great CGI (including Spidey point of view scenes).

It's more like the comic book, but its lackluster storyline provides no new revelations -- AND it's set up for a sequel.

On the plus side: they finally got rid of Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's annoying girlfriend.
It's not a terrible movie, but not that amazing either.
The Amazing Spider-man lives on from year to year, a real perennial youthful character.

The new comic book reboot of the world's most famous teenage superhero comes back looking younger with brave grittier courage.

Andrew Garfield stars playing Peter Parker, as the current outsider struggling with the mystery of what happened to his parents.

What the movie is basically about is a kid who grows up looking for his father & finds himself.

This is a Spider-man tale we haven't seen before.

The film-makers come at the story from different angles.

They reach back to different aspects of the character's comic book roots, and it centers on the hero's first love.

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