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This movie had me completely absorbed, from beginning to end, as I waited eagerly for each new step.

This star-studded cast of actors all deliver brilliant performances. Nicholas Cage plays two roles, one his twin brother and should definitely be considered at Oscar time.

This original film which combines this caliber of acting with such a clever story, succeeds on all levels.

Just a rewarding movie experience for me.

Nicholas Cage stars as Charlie Kaufman, the man who wrote the screenplay for this movie.

Self-indulgent? You bet, and then some. Add to the mix, Nicholas Cage playing his nonexistent twin brother, Donald, Meryl Streep as the authoress whose book nobody can turn into a movie, and Chris Cooper as a Zen orchid collector and you have one of the funniest movies to come along since Being John Malkovich.

And since Spike Jonze directed both, who could ask for anything more?

Adaptation is a multileveled funhouse of a movie, the latest loony concoction from the creators of the brain twister Being John Malkovich.

They play more mind games with this daring oddity. The film is a hyper-ambitious, triple twisty, dark comedy that toys with conformity and the audience.

It doesn't make sense, but how can you not be curious?

I adapted.

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