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This week's reviewed movie is:
Act of Valor




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


There is a beauty in this film, Act of Valor, that you'll never experience in any Hollywood action movie.

The sound mix is suspensefully quiet, while you marvel at what perfect amphibians the Seals are, just
after falling through the night sky.

Where else would you find men who keep big American flag folded in their pockets?

If you like military-style action films, I'm sure you'll enjoy this tribute to a worthy subject.

You'll be glad they're on your side: the Navy Seals.
Originally intended as a recruitment film, Act of Valor is a patriotic melodrama that plays more like a video game.

The action sequences are intense, but thanks to quick cutting are nearly impossible to

The coolest thing about the movie is the military equipment.

If there is a political message, it is lost in the bad screenplay and terrible acting.
The film presents a realistic look at people and scenes as they actually are.

The work of Navy Seals so true to fact and life that it stars 8 real Seals (along with a small group of professional actors.)

Shot in many locations, the fictional flick, which follows Seals as they try to stop an international terrorist plot, is made up of action sequences that are based on real missions.

The skillful maneuvering and weaponry are also genuine.

Even the bullets were real. A lot of fighting used live ammunition.

This is a movie
that you've never seen before and that's what I liked; a picture unlike anything else.

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