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This week's reviewed movie is:
Angels and Demons




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


First there was The Da Vinci Code. Now Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are following up with Angels and Demons, which is incredibly silly/ridiculous -- more so than Da Vinci.

All the scenes were shot around Rome and the Vatican, which made the physical production very impressive.

But the entire structure of the script is rushing from place to place to stop some big disaster from happening, then always arriving late.

This film is a smoke and mirrors shadow play of half-truth history and science.

I tried really hard to stay with it and follow along, but they just didn't make a believer out of me.

Slightly better than its predecessor, but still mediocre at its best, symbologist Robert Langdon returns to help the Vatican in its hour of need.

Yes, it's science vs. religion as Scooby Doo -- I mean Tom Hanks -- takes on the Illuminati once again.

With a threat of implosion imminent, who let this guy into the archives?

Well made, but cheesy from start to finish.

This movie is contrary to common sense and is so far removed from anything that looks like a complete detailed story.

The sequel deals with big themes like religion and science.

I found it entertaining just to think of it as a science fiction action thriller.

The ending is a little foolish and absurd, but this kind of film requires us to pardon and have mercy on this type of conclusion.

You might say this is a Hollywood bailout miracle.

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