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Fahrenheit 9/11




Gene the Barber

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Fahrenheit 9/11 is like watching the longest two-hour paid political advertising announcement ever made against the Bush administration.

Michael Moore's trademark humor, creative editing, and timing techniques make for a one-sided unfair and slanted opinion--from a wide array of video clips cleverly put together out of sequence.

Michael Moore also makes no bones about not being fair and balanced, makes a case just from his own views, and invites us to agree with him or not.

I sure do not.

Using a dizzying array of stunts, music, interviews, news footage, and quick-cut editing techniques, Michael Moore assembles a political diatribe that will either have you laughing out loud, or wiping that silly grin off your face for good.

Is it biased? You bet it is; it was put together by a liberal humorist.

But what he lacks in journalism, he more than makes up for in political satire.

But don't take my word for it; go see it and decide for yourself.

Judging the worth of a debatable political movie is a tricky business.

This picture's convincing information and circumstantial evidence provided no opportunities for debates or dialogue, which I found disappointing.

But it is visually powerful. It was sometimes amusing and shocking.

This is one you have to see for yourself.

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