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Ladder 49




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Ladder 49 makes no bones about it pushing your emotional buttons.

It's a story within a story about career firefighters and the life they lead at home.

Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) is trapped and injured in a warehouse blaze and flashes back to happier times as a rookie member of Ladder 49.

This is the closest a movie has come to simulating the real fires that firemen encounter. You'll swear that you can feel the heat.

The firemen get the honor and respect that they truly deserve; they sure have mine.

Straightforward and uncomplicated, Ladder 49 is everything you expect it to be; a glowing tribute to the daily lives of firefighters.

With some of the best fire sequences ever to be committed to screen, this film travels the fine line between drama and maudlin sentimentality surrounded by every macho stereotype that has ever existed.

A good film for your average filmgoer.

The film captures a serious, accurate look at the everyday bravery of firefighters.

The camera takes you on a wild ride inside the lives of firemen. It shows you the many rescue techniques and the skills needed to fight the various kinds of fires.

The movie is about duty, brotherhood, and courage. It's emotionally and action filled, with a gripping and very human story about America's heroes.

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