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This week's reviewed movie is:
40-Year-Old Virgin




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber



Here's another movie that's not going to please everyone.

It;s going to depend on your tolerance of humor that's rude, crude, and in your face.

I found the film well-made from a technical perspective.

Most of the belly-laughs come from material ranging from mildly naughty to fairly gross.

What made the movie work for myself was the good writing and the whole cast of spiffy actors.

As low-brow sex comedies go, this one manages to be both funny & charming at the same time.

Steve Carell, who wrote & stars in this seemingly one-note laughfest, shows a surprising talent for both acting and great comic timing.

Andy's not just a geek, he's a genuinely nice person--a crass, vulgar, good-natured burlesque.

The movie is about a man avoiding sex & putting on a false appearance tin order to hide what is real from his fellow workmen.

This performance anxiety comedy is full of exaggerated situations that explore virgin territory.

Before you see this flick, you have to like this kind of humor. It is big R, with profanity, graphic sexual situations, nudity, drug use, & stuff like vomit, urine, & other bodily fluids.

The film pushes the envelope a little too much for me. I think it should be rated X.

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