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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Three Musketeers




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber



The Three Musketeers is not a bad movie -- it's a terrible movie!

I almost want to recommend that you watch it just so you can see how dumb it is.

The story and dialogue just jumps around so much, losing its pace.

You can see the problems -- how ridiculous it looks struggling to make any sense out of this cinematic disaster.

The only thing that makes it stop getting stupider is that it finally ends.

This “reimagining” of Dumas' classic novel of heroism, loyalty, and friendship has had such a 21st century makeover (thanks to computer effects) that it no longer resembles ANY of its original content.

With the addition of airships, flamethrowers and Gatling guns, the villains who wish to take down the king of France are well-armed indeed; and that's not even the worst part.

It sets itself up for a SEQUEL!

Corny, contrived and ill-conceived.

Visually, I thought the movie was very fashionable, colorful, and high-priced looking.

The easily seen incomplete screenplay can be reasonably put away for the first third of the picture.

As for the senses, they are over-powered by action sequences, stunning costumes, and lavish sets.

But, as the film progresses, it is bogged down by subplots and it becomes clear that the story has not been thought through.

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