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This movie has some good action parts, with a really dumb script that leads nowhere and jumps from one idiotic climax to another.

This film was made way too dark and serious for a fun story. The trailers and ads made me believe there was going to be some Elvis music with Elvis impersonators (not true).

It turns out to be a total shoot-out and bloodbath from start to finish.

They tried to give and capture the feeling of Pulp Fiction, but failed, and it's only 1,600 miles from Vegas to Graceland.

Forget everything you've seen in the ads--it's not a comedy!

The Elvis heist lasts only about 20 minutes, and after that it's a non-stop bloodbath of senseless violence as the road trip to Hell begins.

Kevin Kosner overacts, Kurt Russell underacts, and Courtney Cox just looks, well, confused.

Did any of the actors read this script?

Tasteless, gory, and just plain stupid. Don't waste your time!

3,000 Miles to Graceland is a cross between Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Oceans 11, and Reservoir Dogs.

The movie was nothing like the preview made it out to be.

The who;e idea of a group of guys dressing up like Elvis to rob a casino should have been a fun time, and it was fun for a while to watch the flashy outfits.

The actual robbery packs enough fire power to make any world war seem tame by comparison. Old expressions fly as fast as the bullets in the gaudy casino heist.

The film tries to be a total ride, but soon the star vehicle gets a flat and becomes off-balanced.

This Graceland caper runs out of steam.

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