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You don't have to know much about the historical points in this story.

300 is intended to entertain rather than give you a history lesson.

There's actually something for everyone. The guys will love the action; science fiction fans will be more than pleased with creepy creatures with bodies more twisted than their minds; and the ladies will like all the guys on the screen.

Remember, heads will roll, limbs will fly in all directions, but the presentation results in a mighty fine fun time at the movies.

If you like gratuitous violence, nudity, and -- oh yeah -- did I mention violence, then do I have a movie for you!

It's a tale of heroism from 480 B.C., as 300 takes the leap from graphic novel to big-screen spectacle.

Loosely based on the Battle of Thermopylae, where the Spartans were outnumbered 100 to one, it's an intense, beautiful, and sometimes bewildering trip into history and the mind of illustrator Frank Miller.

This is the age-old tale of 300 Spartans' last stand, when they decided to take on the massive invading Persian army.

The movie has an actual historical cause or reason, and when the outnumbered Spartans fought to their deaths, they inspired the rest of Greece to unite in defeating their invaders.

This bloody battle is as good as any in the history of warfare and nation-building.

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