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This week's reviewed movie is:
21 Jump Street




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


Two bumbling not-so-swift cops assigned to the 21 Jump Street unit are sent back to high school  undercover to find drugs.

This movie also stands as something more than a spoof and plays around with a few funny themes like going back to high school and finding out how culture has changed.

I found it fun and likeable, but don't forget what earns it an R rating.

They pull no punches in their choice of raunchy words.

It's a real crowd pleaser and made me laugh for sure. 
21 Jump Street is a great send-up of cop shows, buddy/buddy movies, high school films, and the action adventure genre.

It's a film that takes full advantage of its R rating (even with a few unnecesssary gross out jokes).

Where the original TV series took itself seriously despite its silly premise, this version is hilarious despite its serious overtones.

Satire at its best and a cop film with heart.

21 Jump Street is a big screen resurrection of the crime drama that ran on TV in the 1980s.

The filmmakers have transformed the old TV show into a humorous imitation of the serious television series.

This adult movie didn't work for me. I just can't get use to being bombarded with profane language, in what seemed to be about half its running time.

I thought this type of comedy was more juvenile than adult.

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