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21 Grams




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21 Grams is a pretty dark and heavy film, with time-jumping flashback editing.

This makes the pacing a little hard to get used to, and could throw off casual movie watchers.

However, the story comes together in a very interesting manner.

It's totally haunting and certainly not the feel-good movie of the year, but totally good, in a weird way.

21 Grams is a compelling drama about 3 people who meet through a terrible happenstance.

The story, told out of sequence, shows us the fragility of life, and how seemingly innocent circumstances can change it forever.

Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, and Benicio del Toro give outstanding performances in this highly unusual tale of love and loss.

21 Grams is a stunning, changeable motion picture (using the jigsaw puzzle approach of images) that slowly resolves itself into a powerful story of tragedy and redemption.

The movie is about three people dealing with their own personal hell, and trying to survive their own demons.

The picture is complicated to describe. It wants to be a moral tale of love, death, birth, vengeance, and salvation.

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