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Here's the plot for 2012: a global mega of disasters hit all at once to end the world, with a body count in the billions.

And of course you only have to identify with a small group of survivors (the movie stars).

The rest are just like specks of sand on the beach.

If you are anything like me, you'll be thoroughly entertained most of the time, but hate yourself for liking it afterwards.

The film has very little to do with acting; it's all about effects. Point #2 -- effects. Point #3 -- effects. Get the point? Effects.

If you liked the trailer, you'll enjoy the film. It's a lot of fun, so scissors up for effects.

Solar flares cause the Earth's core to heat up, causing earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, and eventually massive tsunamis and flooding.

It's a by-the-numbers disaster flick filled with awesome special effects and absolutely predictable from start to finish.

It's full of cliched, one-dimensional characters and corny dialog.

And it's hilariously bad and over-long.

Disaster director Roland Emmerich gives you everything you expect in this formula sci-fi action motion picture, and also gives it to you in a much bigger, overblown, hilarious format.

The experience is caused when the core of the Earth begins to overheat. Then the Earth's crust becomes unstable and blows up, creating what looks like the end of the world.

The computer-generated effects keep you on the edge of your seat.

The destruction in this movie is so massive and mind-boggling that it's hard to imagine.

It's a cataclysm to end all cataclysms.

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