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Room 1408 turns out to be an enjoyable old-fashioned exercise in chills and scares thanks to the master Stephen King, who delivers a supernatural thriller that features next to no blood or graphic gore.

Instead it relies on timing, and an amazing performance by John Cusack, who deserves most of the credit for making this terrific grown-up horror movie work so well.
Interesting camera work highlights this effective one-man show as John Cusack plays a cynical haunted house expert with so much emotional baggage that it'll have you wondering why he didn't check it at the front desk.

1408 has every horror cliche in the book, including loud music shocks, ghostly apparitions, and, of course, several twist endings. Is it real, drug induced, or all in his head?

Check it out before you check in.
John Cusack does an outstanding job of acting in Stephen King's frightening short story that's centered on a hotel suite, No. 1408, that transforms into each guest's personal hell.

This is a ghost story and psychological thriller.

It's also something like the  old Twilight Zone -- a real mind bender.

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