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Ocean's 12




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You should know something about Ocean's 12 before seeing it so you'll get the full benefit of its surprises.

The movie is just plain fun, with a superb cast. I think Julia Roberts pulls off her best-ever comic performance.

This is not a leave your brain at the box office door movie. It has class and a little thinking to make it an enjoyable movie in a sneaky thief kind of way.

As sequels go, this one isn't too bad. All the characters, plot (complete with twists), and the coolness of the 21st century rat pack are here, but this one is more of a comedy than a heist film.

If you thought George Clooney and Julia Roberts wasn't strange enough, then how about Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones as a couple?

Not as good as the original, but what do you expect from a sequel?

The gangs all here in Ocean's 12. The rat pack is back, and this time around, they all seem to be having fun, and even the bad guys don't seem too bad in this caper comedy.

The screenplay makes little sense and is not meant to be taken seriously. The flick is pure entertainment.

I liked the easygoing sense of humor that comes across on the screen.

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