13. Site of Ed Ricketts' First Lab
165 Fountain Avenue (Kidwell's Paints, across from Holman's,
between Lighthouse Ave. and Ricketts Row)


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Google Map of the site of Ed Ricketts' First Lab

Pacific Biological Laboratories was opened in late 1923 by the 26-year-old Ricketts and his partner, Albert Galigher. The lab, a small biological supply house, provided preserved animals and prepared slides to schools and research institutions.  

Logo of Pacific Biological Laboratories, taken from letterhead c. 1935.

In the late 1920s, Ricketts, now the lab's sole owner, moved the business to 740 Ocean View Avenue in Monterey. Later, the street was renumbered and later still renamed, becoming 800 Cannery Row--Doc's Western Biological in Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday

On May 14, 1997, the 100th anniversary of Ricketts' birth, a commemorative plaque was placed on this building by the Pacific Grove Heritage Society and the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History Association.    

The site of Ricketts’ first lab also marks the beginning of . . .