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Yawl specifications 
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Russian Navy Yawl-6

Parameters and dimension    
Maximum length  6.1 meters
Maximum width  1.8 meters
Depth of hold   .77 meters
Displacement  1915 kilograms
Weight with equipment without crew   940 kilograms
Carrying weight  1090 kilograms

Larry Weingarten, Machinist, maintains the boats' metalwork.
Materials used in construction  
Stem, sternpost, transom, frames, gunwale, thwarts, stringers  oak and ash
Planking strakes baltic pine
Backboard, coxswain's seats bakelite plywood
Equipment parts galvanized steel
Bolts galvanized steel
Boat screws steel and brass
Boat nails steel and copper
Keel strap steel
Sails, sail covers, boat covers linen sail cloth
Rigging: standing  steel wire
Rigging; running manila, nylon, linen

Maximum number of crew
in closed roads with wind not stronger than 5 balls
Under oars  13  
Under sail   8  
Under motor  7  


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