11. The Scotch Bakery
545 Lighthouse Avenue (Across from Holman's)


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Google Map of the site of the Scotch Bakery

The Scotch Bakery c. 1995.

After operating for over 50 years as the Scotch Bakery, in December 2006 the traditional Scotch Bakery sign was removed by the current proprietor, and the business name changed. 

Stores along Lighthouse Avenue, with sign of Scotch Bakery in middle of block, circa 1950. Photo courtesy The Pat Hathaway Collection 

Mrs. Trolat leaves here with a bag of sweet buns and ponders the dilemma of the flagpole skater:

“Now in the whole town there was interest and discussion about this sporting event, but the most interesting question of all and the one that bothered the whole town was never spoken of. No one mentioned it and yet it was there haunting everyone. Mrs. Trolat wondered about it as she came out of the Scotch bakery with a bag of sweet buns.” (Cannery Row, Chapter XIX). 

Make a left turn at the next corner, Fountain Ave. At the corner is . . .