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Zombieland is one fun, wacky film to watch.

The plot is : zombies eat live humans -- live humans kill zombies. End of story.

But because of the cast -- especially Woody Harrelson, who's exactly the kind of zombie ass-kicker you'd want on your side -- delivers on all levels what's needed for this silly action-packed type of movie.

It's definitely a comedy, not a horror flick.

So be brave and enjoy the zombies -- they're just hungry.

A rip-roaring, hilarious trip into the apocalyptic nightmare that is Zombieland: it's four normals in a virus-ridden world that reads more like a road trip than a survivor film.

It's dead-on funny from start to finish, with an unexpected cameo that will knock your socks off.

After all is said and done, it's all about the zombies . . . and the Twinkies.

Zombieland is a satire story about a group of human survivors who wind up on the road in a world where a virus has turned nearly everyone into flesh-eating members of the undead.

There are swarms of zombies everywhere. The film is a smooth-running, funny on-the-road tale that stars four likeable actors who finally bond together to save their skins from the living dead eaters.

The four characters are headed for what they think is a zombie-free zone in a L.A. amusement park that turns out to be full of hungry evil ghouls who trigger the quartet of actors into action on the run again, this time all over the elaborate, colorful Pacific Playland Park, to keep away from being the next meal for the zombies.

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