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Being unfamiliar with the comic books, there's nothing to compare or upset me from the past.

The story is about a bill that will require all mutants to register with the government, so they can keep track of them.

It's a good science-fiction action-adventure movie--easy to follow and does not spend hours explaining things that don't need explaining.

And who cares? It's full of fun stuff, just to enjoy and watch. X marks the spot for entertainment!

Origins are tough. Explaining the impossible is, well, darn-near impossible, but with performances by Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, you can tell right away this is NOT your typical comic-book movie.

Written with the barest of plots, and--in one case--the barest of costumes, X-Men is truly a marvel (pun intended).

Well-written, with mind-blowing special effects, it's intelligent, witty, and just plain X-cellent!

The film is a feast of fantasy and is based on the Marvel comics that go back to the mid-60s. In the 37 years of the comic-book series, the X-Men characters have died, gone to heaven, been resurrected, and become clones.

The picture is a digital effects extravaganza that also works on the emotional level, with neatly placed flashes of humor.

The concept of being outcasts and surviving and being productive in a world that at times can be cruel keeps the live-action movie as close as possible to the copy of the comic book.

X-Men are like outsiders whose genetic mutations give them such powers as telepathy, rapid healing, and shape shifting. I think fans of this science-fiction thriller will love the long-awaited big-screen treatment of their favorite comic heroes and villains.

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