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American Wedding




Gene the Barber

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American Wedding takes you through the proposal, engagement party, and the pre-wedding jitters to the final big day, smeared with raunchy language.

You can see most everything coming a mile away; that enables you to cringe as you brace yourself for another I-can't-believe-they did-that moment.

Some things are funny and most are just disgusting. It's lewd, rude, and crude, scrapping the bottom of the barrel for laughs.

Hopefully, this is last slice of pie, (and don't eat any of the wedding cake either).

American Wedding suffers from sequelitis.

It's like the pie without the filling, an empty shell of an idea made up of convoluted situations to set up gross-out gags; and while that may tickle the funny bone of its demographics, this reviewer feels overstuffed.

More a pie in the face than a tasty slice of fun.

There are a couple of big laughs in the third helping of the American Pie franchise, but in a two-hour movie, this film offers little more than crumbs.

I didn't like the strain and desperate attempt to find jokes of excessive raunchiness and vulgarity throughout the picture.

I think the story lacked any truthful observations of weddings or amusing takes on life.

I thought it was completely brainless.

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