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The plot to assassinate an American president in Spain makes for a good story line for Vantage Point.

Then comes the big gimmick -- they keep stopping the film in its tracks over and aver, back to the beginning for another point of view.

This worked in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, but not this time.

It does offer some heart-pounding moments filled with gun-play and car chases, but the jumble of unanswered questions and loose answers makes for an unsettled thriller.

I would rather have a head slapping V-8.

The setup for this puzzler may be unique, but its presentation is not.

It's a mediocre action film disguised as a political thriller.

So as the clues pile up, so do the coincidences.

Don't expect any great acting, as the plot changes every 15 minutes along with the point of view.

It's a disappointment for action and intrigue fans.

The film has a powerful introduction that, for a while at least, is firmly executed.

It's an aver done assassination movie -- seen through six perspectives -- that includes things in the distance as well as things near, with all having different views or vantage points.

What I didn't like about this picture was the stopping and restarting of the same tense events.

I could tolerate two or three rewinds, but six flashbacks is more than irritating, in my opinion.

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