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This movie takes you through all aspects of the drug war--back and forth between Mexico and the US.

We've seen most of this before, but maybe never from all sides, law enforcement, drug lords, drug dealers, and drug users.

It shows the corruption and mistrust among the drug world, and the family problems of the users on the law enforcement side.

It's just one big, powerful, entertaining crime thriller.

It's too complex to mention everything, so go see it. You won't be sorry.

Traffic is a well-meaning tale of the far-reaching drug trade from its illegal trafficking in Mexico to its effects upon the populace of the United States, shown in multiple stories, each telling one facet of the "war on drugs."

It demonstrates the futility of this battle and the victims it leaves in its wake.

Stirring, thought- provoking, and beautifully crafted.

Traffic is a riveting thriller that lays open America's anti-drug campaign.

Three stories unfold simultaneously, complement one another, and eventually eventually overlap overlap.

Traffic is based in part on a 1989 British PBS miniseries.

The writer ( a former journalist) does his groundwork and comes up with a lean, authentic dialogue in his script that makes a point without preaching.

The huge cast are all standouts, with strong performances from all.

Traffic is a jam-pact vision of a drug trade beyond our control--definitely every parent's nightmare.

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