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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Grey




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


A group of men working for an Alaskan oil refinery find themselves fighting for survival after their return flight home crashes with no food or shelter.

Those who escape the wreckage discover they are
not alone. It seems a pack of hungry wolves are waiting to feed on desperate and terrified men.

The wolf attacks are brutal, and they will leave the audience on the edge of their seats.

I can't talk about the
plot -- you'll have to find out for yourself.

It's not pretty, but it is well done.
The Grey is a survival/suspense film showing the thin line between life and death.

Yes, it's man against
nature, in a place where nature has the edge: high winds, freezing temperatures, and a hungry pack of

And while Liam Neeson broods, survivors of a plane crash get picked off one by one.

It's well directed and definitely not for the squeamish.
This movie is an old-fashion survival story of a small group of men battling the elements.

It's a basic, no-frills tale of man versus nature.

After the plane crash, the star is the one who takes charge of the living.

He shares his survival skills with starving, freezing men in the middle of the Alaskan tundra.

They struggle through snow drifts, fight wolves, and try to explain the causes of grim nature.

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