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The title Taken refers to an ex-CIA agent's beloved 17-year-old daughter who was abducted by evil Albanian sex traffickers.

Using his skills and talent from his past, the agent starts one of the most no-holds-barred no-nonsense hunts I've seen in a long while.

This guy is a brutal, efficient, bone-crushing killing machine that you wouldn't want after you, but the right one for finding your daughter.

You will come out of the theater pleasantly surprised and satisfied with this sheer action-packed thriller.

It's an action hero movie with the most unlikely star -- Liam Neeson kicks ass as a retired American CIA agent on the lookout for his kidnapped daughter.

It's a taut, suspenseful drama full of surprises, twists, and a man with "very particular skills."

It's not for everyone, but this one worked for me.

Taken is a well-made, straight-ahead action thriller.

If you like strong action violence, the level of skill in this film is outstanding.

The movie revolves around a former CIA agent who just retired and his teenage daughter -- who was abducted and taken away by an international group of criminals while she was on vacation in Paris.

The star, Liam Neeson, is well-cast as a thoughtful CIA agent who is big enough to do some serious damage once he gets mad.

And the bad guys of Paris did just that when they messed with his teenage daughter and took her hostage.

In the end he becomes the avenging action hero father, tearing up and down the Paris streets looking for his daughter.

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