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There's so many colorful actors it's hard to keep track of them.

But it doesn't take long getting caught up in the grimy London underworld of characters always in danger.

It's a comedy full of double crosses and total chaos, all over a large stolen diamond.

This movie keeps the audience interested and is clever and unpredictable at break-neck speed.

Just full of belly laughs and surprises, maybe not for everyone, but it sure was for me.

Guy Ritchie's second outing as director is no no less than brilliant.

Snatch is a unique heist movie in a time of so-so films. It has multiple story lines, frequent fast cuts, great acting, and a plot so hard to follow that you almost have to see see it twice.

Fast, ferocious, and funny, Snatch is the hip dark comedy of the year.

Snick likes Snatch.

Snatch is a crude, raunchy, harsh and messy black comedy about thieves and boxers.

It has flashes of brilliance but needs a script doctor.

The director put together a bunch of little sequences that discharge in short bursts, just like in music videos and commercials.

The film is loaded down with too many characters and locations. It doesn't help the picture to have a narrator come on every few minutes to explain everything in voice overs either.

There is more clutter than cleverness (in my view) of the flick called Snatch.

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