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Fans of the 1972 version of Sleuth may not enjoy the new version, unless they accept beforehand that it's not just a remake, so much as just a new image.

It's the same basic story with the same basic twists and surprises, but the tone is different.

The new version is sleeker, more streamlined, and more menacing & playful.

It's worth the price of admission just to watch the old pro Michael Caine put Jude Law through his paces.

This reimagined version of a tale of revenge, complete with verbal sparring, couldn't be more different than the original -- with Michael Caine moving into the Olivier role, and Jude Law walking into yet another Michael Caine role.

The twists and turns are the same, but the pacing and the camera angles are better.

Essentially a two-man play, this story of revenge at the end of a bifurcated tongue is updated and quite entertaining.

Michael Caine and Jude Law show off their acting skills in a flashy remake of the game-playing revenge film called Sleuth.

In this new version of the 1972 classic, Caine takes over Laurence Olivier's role as the wealthy crime novelist who seeks revenge upon the man who stole his wife.

These two enemies are so addicted to their evil gamesmanship that they feast -- they tear and bite into the nastiness of their roles.

It becomes a real twist of hate.

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