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Vanilla Sky




Gene the Barber

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Vanilla Sky is a complicated psychological drama thriller that will blow your mind.

It shows the lifestyle of a New York City playboy who can't stand having his face deformed.

This movie is in and out of fantasy, dreams, nightmares and reality. It even touches on being frozen.

This will give your mind a real workout and a lot more. I can't explain everything, but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

You're travelling to another place. A land full of flashbacks and dream sequences. A region where one girl is not enough and two is too many. It's an area we like to call the Tom Cruise zone.

Vanilla Sky is a movie so full of false imagery that it's hard to tell the difference between what is real, and what is fantasy.

But thanks to a neat explanation at the end of the film, you'll still have a hard time deciding.

Great performances all around make this a scissors up.

The moral of Vanilla Sky is to gratify and take pleasure in oneself and to look after one's own interests.

First, the movie is roughly erotic. Second, it's almost as creepy, and third it's completely muddled in confusion. The picture leaves you no choice, along with the star, to wonder what's a dream and what's reality, who's alive and who's dead.

In the end, the film blends science fiction and conspiracy theories with a lot of dull chatter about responsibilities and what lies beyond the grave.

The conclusion leaves you up in the air with a disorderly jumbled mess of baloney for the windup.

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