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This film is hilarious, witty with sharp dialogue that refers to modern products and themes. Even some great pop music to help set some good moods.

It's just downright new and refreshing at every turn. Parents and kids alike won't find themselves bored silly. This is just a really good, spicy-flavored funny modern fairy tale. Moviegoers will get their money's worth.


Finally, a movie with a well-written and imaginative script. A magical movie, but not from the magic kingdom, with one of the most unlikely fairy tale heroes ever to appear on screen.

Shrek is satirical, sarcastic, and just plain fun. And if you think it's just another one of those animated films--wait until the singing starts.

It's a movie the whole family can enjoy. Shrek is a delight.

See the pyramids along the Nile. Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle. Just remember darling, all the while, you belong to me.

Shrek is an animated (truly modern) fairy tale that pokes sly fun at other fairy tales. A delightful funny fable for all ages about not judging a book by its cover.

The movie has an amazing message, which is that beauty and goodness come in many shapes and sizes. This is beautiful work. The visuals are impressive and dramatic.

Facial expressions are rendered with detail and delicate feelings. At its core, it's more honest and heartwarming than most animated films.

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