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This week's reviewed movie is:
Sex in the City 2




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber



I expected much more out of this feature-length, way-too-long fashion show / travelogue.

But really, nothing happens in this Sex in the City 2. It's too bad the film is so predictable.

You would think there would be some drama along with the brainless I Love Lucy stuff, or the Rich and Famous.

You might have to ask a real fan -- it did nothing for me.

Worse than its predecessor, Sex in the City 2 is full of cliches, stereotypes, and fully embarrassing dialogue, as our four New York fashionistas travel to Abu Dhabi to forget their emotional problems.

It's 2-1/2 hours of insults to Muslims, showing off fashions, and Kim Cattrall's embarrassing Mae West-style wisecracks.

And let us not forget the blatant product placement -- well worth missing (even for fans of the show).

This first sequel of Sex in the City seems to be a fan-made movie.

My problem with this chick flick is that after being exposed to 2-1/2 hours of listening to the 4 women stars complaining about their fantasy fairy-tale lives from the comfort of an all-expense-paid first-class luxury vacation in the Arabian desert, this no-plot tale left me feeling restlessly impatient while staring at the screen in a state of enhanced boredom at the end of the film.

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