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Rush Hour 2




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Rush Hour 2 delivers just about everything you could expect from this kind of movie.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are teamed up again after doing the '98 blockbuster Rush Hour. If Chris Tucker's motormouth doesn't turn you off, then you're in for a fast ass-kicking roller coaster ride. His humor worked for me, and I found him just right for the part.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are so different, they clash. That's what makes them so humorous for insane comic effects.

Do stay for the bonus outtakes at the ending. Really some funny stuff.  

As sequels go, this one is about average.

Jackie Chan amazes us with his rubbery acrobatics, and Chris Tucker just won't shut up!

Throw in a couple of explosions, a paper-thin plot and you have everything you've come to expect in a summer of sequels…An average film.

But stay until the end; the funniest stuff is in the outtakes.

Rush Hour 2 is an amusing, playful journey from beginning to end--a comic culture shock adventure with fast martial-arts action.

It's a balance between fighting and humorous insults injected in the dialogue.

The movie is fun if you can overlook the plot layout and can tolerate spurts of standup comic routines throughout the picture.

It's silly, adult summer entertainment.

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